Following up on Deb’s email, we have good news! After school jazz will finally resume. Here are the details:

When: The program will be held Mondays, after school from 4:00 PM–5:30 PM

Who: All students who registered for after school jazz (both levels)

Where: JAMS Band Room

Instructor: Deb will be the Monday instructor

Cost: Free of charge (FOJAM will absorb the cost of the program for the rest of the year)

What are the program expectations for the next few weeks?

As mentioned in Deb’s email…we have a lot of ground to make up, so the program is likely to be rigorous. It’s going to be mixed experience levels, and here are the expectations:

  • Everyone who signed up previously is welcome to participate.
  • The music will be geared toward the upper end (there will be some challenging pieces)
  • With the awareness that the music will be challenging, only those who have practiced enough to be able to play their parts well will be participating in festivals with the band (performance dates are still TBD)

Why is there no enrichment fee?

The FOJAM board voted at our last meeting to underwrite the cost of our instructor(s), in appreciation for your understanding as we’ve tried to work our way through the bureaucratic maze of newly enforced SPS regulations for after school programs.

What happens after the first two weeks?

We hope to have a new instructor working with your kids within two weeks. We are working hard to finalize the schedule for the rest of the year. We’ll keep you posted through email and on the FOJAM website.

What do I need to do to let you know that my child will be attending?

Please confirm your child’s participation by filling out this form.

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